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Building a Lego Blog Brick by Brick



I am currently sat on a deck chair in Croatia celebrating my honeymoon after 18 months of planning my Lego themed wedding.  68 roses, 16 thistles, 4 vases, 13 large letters, 1 personalised table plan, invitations, 44 personalised mini figures and a customised ring box ALL made of Lego! Why? Lego has been my hobby and passion for the last 3 years, so what better way to make the most important day in your life unique and special!

Now that the big day has come and gone, what next? Well now that I plan to take a two to three month break from building Lego, I thought it was about time kick off a blog to document the Lego wedding build process. Once I recovered from Lego fatigue, will also start to add additional projects as they come.

Back to the wine, beer, cocktails and endless food for now.