Lego wedding table plan setup with four Lego vases with 17 Lego Roses & Thistles each. Taken at Wedding Venue

Lego Wedding: The Big Day

Lego Wedding

One year of building 4 vases, 68 roses, 16 thistles, 42 personalised minifigure guests, 1 table plan, 13 large letters and 8 boxes of Lego, the mega Lego Wedding build was complete!

I will keep this post short and to the point, as the images speak to themselves.  The Lego Rose & Thistle Vases were setup per table, with their personalised favours.  I also added some last minute Lego letters for the top table spelling out our new name – Mr & Mrs Johnson.  Wooden letter boxes full of Lego bricks were also provided for our guests…. even if it did mean I ended up with a variety of Lego cocks by the end of the evening!

Our Lego Wedding Cake finished everything off nicely, courtesy of Cake & Lace from Newbury.  The three layered cake had two personalised and edible Lego version of myself and my wife.  Each layer had sections peeled back revealing a Lego brick interior.  It was perfect and tasted great to!

Time to finally close this chapter and plan my next Lego build.

Photography Credit:  Adam Hillier Photography


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    1. Hi Koralys,

      All the Lego I buy is from You can recreate them with lots of 1 x 2 white bricks for the shape and 1 x 4 plates + 2 x 4 plates for the tops of each letter. You can also use lots of 2 x 2 white bricks instead. I only used 1 x 2 bricks as I had lots of them from another project. I don’t have any instructions, but hopefully the image will act as a rough guide.


  1. Hello, I am planning a proposal and want to build an engagement ring box, any tips or instructions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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